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Reader's question: Roelfsema

Karin asked me:

How is it possible to find a Roelf Roelfsema who became the father of Gritje Cornelia born 8/3 1889?
Gritje Cornelia Roelfsema was born 8/3 1889 in Gravenhage as the daughter of Roelf Roelfsema and Christina Mathis. According to the family legend they were of Frisian descent.

Only a few acts from Den Haag (also known as 's-Gravenhage, or in English The Hague) are in Genlias, but The Hague does have its own database. I found the birth act of Grietje Cornelia Roelfsema in this database: Act 1080, 9 March 1889. Summary: Grietje Cornelia was born on 8 March at 3:30 pm. Parents are Roelf Roelfsema, 36, carpenter, and his wife Christina Frederika Matthijs, without occupation, both living in The Hague.

Note that 8/3 1889 means 8 March, not 3 August, 1889!

Roelf and Christina Frederika married in The Hague (marriage act 474, 1 June 1887): Roelf Roelfsema, 34, carpenter, born in Norg, living in The Hague, son of Kornelis Roelfsema (deceased) and Grietje Jans (without occupation, living in The Hague), married Christina Frederika Matthijs, 21, without occupation, born and living in The Hague, daughter of Johannes Frederik Matthijs (bookbinder, living in The Hague, present at the wedding) and Frederika Kaemmerer (deceased).

Note that Christina Frederika's father had to give permission for the wedding (as she was not yet 30), so the marriage act states he was present and consented. Roelf did not need parental permission (he was over 30), so whether his mother was present at the wedding is not listed in the marriage act.

In 1902 an interesting note was written in the margin of the wedding act: The marriage ended by divorce. The court declared the divorce on 17 December 1901, and it was registered in the margin of the marriage act on 17 February 1902.

You can continue the Roelfsema line on Genlias. As far as I can see, the Roelfsema's lived in Delfzijl (province Groningen) in the early 19th century. I don't see a connection with Friesland (yet).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My grandmother's name was Christina Fredricka Roelfsema, daughter of Roelf Roelfsema and Christina Matthijs. Christina came to the U.S. in 1914 with her husband Adan de Rijke. Please send me information on what you might have on Roelf Roelfsema & Christina Matthijs.


Blogger Henk van Kampen said...

Check the Genlias and The Hague databases mentioned above, and the The Hague population register that recently came online. In this database you can find a scan of a record of Adam Marius de Rijke, his wife Christina Frederika Roelfsema and their daughter Helena Santina.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

my mother was Helena Santina DeRijke......she just passed away in 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you give me the contact information on Karin?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't find a scan of a record of Adam Marius de Rijke, his wife Christina Frederika Roelfsema and their daughter Helena Santina. Can you e-mail it to me?



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