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Dutch archive news - October 2009

  • Genlias added the first 120,000 marriage records from Amsterdam. This covers the period 1916-1932. There are also new birth and death acts from Limburg, and death acts from Noord-Holland.
  • The Central Bureau for Genealogy (CBG) in The Hague presented the next book in the series Voorouders van verre (Ancestors from far away): Sranan famiri, a research guide for people with Suriname roots.
  • The CBG started indexing their collection Familieadvertenties (newspaper ads announcing births, deaths, marriages or other family events). Currently these are only indexed on primary surname, and you may have to browse through many scans (paying for them as you go along) before you find what you are looking for. In the future you can also see which persons are on which scan (first and last name, year, place) so that you can go directly to the scan you need.
  • The CBG received a grant for their project StamboomNederland (Family Tree The Netherlands). In the future people can upload their genealogical research to share it with others and make it available to future generations. The CBG has archived printed and handwritten family trees for many years, and they plan to do the same for digital trees. StamboomNederland will launch late 2010.
  • Educational broadcasting corporation Teleac has bought the Dutch rights of the famous BBC television series Who do you think you are? They will create a Dutch series together with Central Bureau for Genealogy.
  • The Dutch National Archive announced that 800 meters Suriname archive, kept in The Netherlands because of better archiving conditions, will return to Suriname. Next year the Suriname national archive will open a new, modern archive building. Together with improved regulations and staff training this will guarantee proper conservation of these documents.
  • The Friesland archive Tresoar and the Groningen university are indexing the registers of the Sound Toll from the Danish national archive. The Sound Toll Registers contain information on about 1.8 million passages. From ca. 1580 onward, the biggest part of the passing ships came from The Netherlands. During the 18th century more ships came from Friesland than from any other Dutch province. The project's website is The Sound Toll Registers Online.
  • The city archive of The Hague have published part of the population register online. Not as part of their clumsy virtual study room, but (like many cities in Zuid-Holland) in Digitale Stamboom (Digital Family Tree). You can find the records from The Hague here. Scans are available free of charge.

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