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Dutch archive news roundup: April 2008

News from the Dutch archives:

  • Several archives, museums, and other institutions cooperated to created the Image Bank WW2, with thousands of photographs from the second world war.
  • The Central Bureau for Genealogy published scans of parts of their collection online. This is a paid service. We will soon look at the online collection in our online records series.
  • Tresoar added 1750 photos of Jewish graves from Friesland to their website.
  • New records on the website of the Amsterdam city archive: archiefkaarten. These cards were copies of persoonskaarten that were made when the city of Amsterdam had to hand over the persoonskaart to another authority, usually because the subject of the card died or moved to another city. One million cards, created between 1939 and 1960, are now online.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Would any one be aware of a town, place or area called Odink in the mid 1700. I found wedding bans in Amsterdam stating Jan Hendrik Thomas came from Odink. When I was in Salt Lake City someone mentioned it might be in the Province of Gelderland.

If any one has any information I would really appreciate hearing from them.

Ada P. Thomas Vancouver BC

Blogger Henk van Kampen said...

I checked a few reference works, but I can't find "Odink". I think there are two possibilities:

* The original text is misread (or misspelled), maybe it should be Odijk.

* It is not a place but a farm, most likely in Achterhoek (a region in the east of Gelderland) or Twente (a region in the east of Overijssel).

As you found it in Amsterdam, I think Odijk (province Utrecht) is the most likely, unless you've seen the handwriting and can be absolutely sure it reads Odink and not Odijk.


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