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Update on WieWasWie

WieWasWie in English

Last week I answered questions about WieWasWie, the successor of Dutch BMD site Genlias. One issue that remained unanswered in that article was when WieWasWie would be available in English. There is more information available: On Twitter, WieWasWie mentioned that they planned to start on the English translation early next year, but first the Dutch site should work without problems.

Someone from the WieWasWie team also replied to last week's article:

We agree that the English version should be introduced ASAP, the sooner the better. Of course we need to focus on the Dutch version first, but we're definitely planning for the English one! I'd like to add here that you can email to our helpdesk for any kind of help at our site (we know a little English too; -)!): helpdesk@wiewaswie.nl

Records from Zeeland in WieWasWie

Birth records from Zeeland are now in WieWasWie. Still missing: Zeeland death and marriage records, and records from Noord-Holland (and maybe others?). I'm sure that those records will follow soon.

Summary of current situation

For those that missed it a quick summary of the current status:

  • WieWasWie is the successor of Genlias, the Dutch database of (mostly) BMD records.
  • Genlias will shut down at the end of this year.
  • WieWasWie does not have all records yet that Genlias has, but the missing ones will be added over the coming weeks.
  • WieWasWie does not have all search options that Genlias has (in particular, searching for two people is not possible on WieWasWie), but that will change over the coming weeks.
  • WieWasWie does also offer extra functionality, like downloading scans or building your family tree.
  • Not all functionality will be free. Currently you can take out a trial subscription (no credit card required) that offers everything for free until the end of 2012.
  • There is no English interface yet, but there will be one. Genlias will shut down before WieWasWie is available in English, though.


  • Do you have questions about Genlias that you'd like to see answered on this website? Leave a comment below this article, or send me a message.
  • Do you have a question for WieWasWie? Send them an e-mail (helpdesk@wiewaswie.nl). You can also contact them on facebook or twitter.


Thank you WieWasWie for replying to last week's article, and thank you Yvette Hoitink for pointing me to WieWasWie's tweet.

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Anonymous Naomi Leon said...

I did some research into a Dutch Jewish family using Genlias last year which I found to be an amazing resource.
I take it that what was previously a free service is now paid for through WieWasWie?
I could have sworn that I searched pre-19th century records on Genlias but I don't seem to be able to find anything older than 1813 on WWW? Any clarity would be appreciated. Thanks!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know if it will it be possible to (1) order copies of certificates, and (2) pay for them directly from the new website?

Blogger Unknown said...

I have to say I am extremely disappointed to see a brilliant resource like Genlias being turned into this slow and cumbersome monstrosity of a site. WieWasWie seems to load only if or when it feels like it, which isn't very often. Genlias was quick, logical and comprehensive, WieWasWie simply doesn't seem to be able to do anything I did in Genlias in seconds. Sorry. I really am.

Blogger Unknown said...

That was 2013 - fast forward to 2018. I have found Wiewaswie to be very responsive - mere seconds only.
Theo Langenberg - Sydney -Australia


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