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Dutch heritage days

This week, we celebrate several Dutch heritage events. Most of the action will take place here in The Netherlands, but there are books and websites that tie in with these events. Nearly all events and publications will be in Dutch, though.

Landelijke Archievendag

Today (11 October) is the annual Landelijke Archievendag (National Day of the Archives). The theme this year is Verhalen van Nederland (Stories of The Netherlands). The collections in Dutch archives tell many stories, both of the big events that shaped the country and of ordinary people like our ancestors. Many Dutch archives participate, with lectures, guided tours, publications, exhibitions and other events.

See the website of your favorite Dutch archive for more information.

Nacht van de Geschiedenis

The Nacht van de Geschiedenis (History Night), also an annual event, will take place on 18 October, in the Krasnapolsky hotel in Amsterdam, from 8 p.m. until 1 a.m. The program includes lectures, films, interviews, and the awarding of the Week van de Geschiedenisprijs (History Week Prize), an award for a heritage institution activity that makes history accessible to a large audience.

Week van de Geschiedenis

The Week van de Geschiedenis (History Week), a week of activities by Dutch museums, archives, and other heritage institutions, starts today with the National Day of the Archives and culminates in History Night. This year's theme is also Verhalen van Nederland, Stories of The Netherlands.

Verleden van Nederland

Verleden van Nederland (Past of The Netherlands) is a campaign that aims to interest the Dutch people in their history. The campaign started yesterday, and will last until 7 December, with a documentary series on TV, books, a website, a web exposition, radio broadcasts, special lessons at many schools, car, bicycle, and walking tours, and many other events.

Eight documentaries (and eight chapters in the books) show us eight periods in Dutch history:

  • Verloren Verhalen (Lost stories): Prehistory and Roman era.
  • Hoe God verscheen in de Lage Landen (How God appeared in the Low Countries): Christianization in the high middle ages.
  • Religie, Rebellie, Republiek (Religion, rebellion, republic): Reformation, the Dutch revolt and the origins of the Dutch republic in the 16th century.
  • De Gouden Eeuw(The golden age): The Dutch golden age.
  • Tussen Verval en Verlichting (Between decline and enlightenment): The decline and fall of the Dutch republic.
  • De Beschaafde Natie (The civilized nation): The development of a group of impassable provinces into a civilized nation with a constitution, trains, voting rights and a national identity and history.
  • Zuilenland in Oorlog (Pillar country at war): Early and mid 20th century was the time of the verzuiling (pillarisation), the great depression, and the second world war.
  • Vervagende Grenzen (Fading borders): National borders faded, first in the Benelux, later in the European Union and its predecessors. The borders between the pillars also faded and then disappeared.


The hcc!genealogie-dag (HCC genealogy day) is on 18 October in the Noord-Holland provincial archive. This event is organized by the genealogy group of the Dutch Hobby Computer Club (HCC) and the provincial archive of Noord-Holland, and features lectures, presentations by experienced genealogists, demonstrations of genealogy computer programs and free consultations.


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