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Traditional Dutch first names for girls

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In yesterday's post we discussed male , so let's have a look now at female Dutch names. Popularity of names has changed drastically in the last 50 years, even more for Dutch girls names than for Dutch boys names. Especially the shorter forms that have always been popular, like Bep, Mien, Marietje or Griet, have completely disappeared. A surprising exception is Anna, a name that has maintained its position in the top ten of popular names.

. Female form of Adrianus. Short forms: Adri, Rie.

. From the Hebrew Hanna. Biblical name, and the name of a Saint. Short forms: An, Annie, Ansje. English equivalents: Anna, Ann.

. Probably Greek. The name of several Saints. Short forms: Trijntje, Cato, To, Kaatje, Tinie, and many others. English equivalent: Catherine.

. Female form of Cornelis. Short forms: Cor, Corrie, Neeltje.

, Elizabeth. From the Hebrew Elisjeba. Biblical name (Luke 1:5), the name of several Saints, the name of two reigning queens of England. Short forms: Lijsje, Lies, Bep.

. Female form of Hendrik. Short forms: Riek, Rika, Hendrikje.

. Female form of Johannes. Short forms: Jo, Jannie, Jantje, Jopie. English equivalent: Jane.

, Grietje. From the Greek word margarité, pearl. The name of several Saints. Short forms: Griet, Greet, Margreet. English equivalent: Margaret.

. From the Hebrew Mirjam. Biblical name, the name of Jesus' mother, the name of several Saints, the name of several reigning English and Scottish queens. Short forms: Ria, Rie, Marie, Marietje. English equivalent: Mary. The name Maria is also popular as the second or third (but never first) given name for boys in the Catholic parts of The Netherlands.

, Willemina. Female form of Willem. Name of a Dutch reigning queen. Short forms: Mien, Mina, Willie.

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Blogger Linnea said...

I am researching my dutch roots; my great grandfather was born in Groningen, Netherlands and came to the US in 1866 under the Devries; my grandfather went by the name De Fries; my question is on names I found on the
Dutch Immigrants to America I found his mother Anje and father Jacob and am trying to match siblings-some of the ages seem to be off by as much as 5 or 6 years here are a few names I have not found anglicized names for: Sieger-male; Arian-male; Egbert; Peterje-female; Melb-female; can anyone help me with this name? Thanks


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